North American Parts Benchmark

Gain unparalleled insights into the North American motor vehicle landscape with the North American Parts Benchmark (NAPB) – the largest benchmarking initiative of its kind, designed to provide participating OEMs with valuable metrics and data on aftermarket operations across the industry.

NAPB 2024 Conference
April 22-24, 2024

Chicago, Illinois


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About NAPB

Engage in industry-leading benchmarking through the North American Parts Benchmark (NAPB), a multifaceted initiative offering invaluable insights about the motor vehicle aftermarket. At its core, the Data Book serves as a benchmarking cornerstone, providing metrics and data on aftermarket parts operations, allowing participants to gauge their performance against industry peers. Complemented by an annual three-day Conference and specialized Focus Days, NAPB goes beyond data collection, fostering collaborative discussions and in-depth exploration. Join NAPB to not only access critical industry metrics but also to participate in dynamic events that enhance your strategic positioning in the motor vehicle landscape.

Who Participates in NAPB?

Over 30 OEM member companies participate in NAPB, including most of the largest motor vehicle, heavy equipment, and powersports businesses in the world.

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