Wholesale Support – October 10th 2023

Topics like wholesale support are tough to cover at Carlisle conferences because they often span parts and service, and depending on the company’s organization structure, can be owned by one or the other group. This means they make ideal Focus Days because OEMs can send attendees from across their organization. This year’s Wholesale Support Focus Day will be a mix of sales and marketing, fulfillment, and customer support topics designed to improve OEM understanding of the latest in wholesale and how to grow the business and cut costs.  


  • Who manages Wholesale in the organization?  
  • How does wholesale performance change or differ depending on its management?  
  • What are the holes that wholesale will need to cover as collision avoidance and EV become larger?  
  • What are the biggest opportunities and risks to wholesale as a business model?  


  • Benchmarks on market share and sales  
  • Case studies on marketing programs, fulfillment, and customer support in areas such as marketing campaigns, fulfillment models, and dealer training and support