One of the most challenging audiences for B2B marketing professionals includes buyers of off-highway equipment. These individuals often make purchasing decisions for equipment that exceeds $100,000 per-unit. The technology available on this equipment is advancing at a breakneck speed, however, this market also reflects that cutting-edge technology isn’t always what buyers want. Many aren’t willing to pay the premium required to cover associated research and development costs.

This market dynamic has led many equipment manufacturers to focus on customer-driven innovation, which has been highly effective – equipment upgrades are far more likely to resonate with and be valued by target customers. However, getting the feedback required to make this innovation strategy possible can be a major challenge, especially in emerging markets where contact lists are not readily available. Consumers in this market also are rarely seated at desks, so finding decision-makers via an office phone or traditional online method often results in low response rates, driving up the cost per interview to record high levels.

Construction professionals are often excited to utilize new, innovative upgrades and share their experiences with consumers. The key to gathering the most relevant feedback, however, is getting the right people to quickly use the most effective methodology. DuckerFrontier’s extensive online B2B communities make it possible to collect a steady stream of invaluable feedback, using the right gathering method for that specific information need.

Small targeted information gaps can be filled using a series of short questions, answered in less than five minutes right on the end user’s smartphone. More detailed discussions can be planned and handled in an online focus group setting, or via more traditional methods such as the telephone. However, our pre-qualified group of active end users within a specific industry make this feedback process both extremely reliable and cost-effective.

Our industry experts will tailor an online B2B community to fit your needs, using a single point of contact to manage and moderate the community. They will ensure that membership is just as beneficial for the respondent as it is for the sponsor.