A major building products company must achieve significant growth in the next three to five years.  The markets it currently serves are considered mature and competitive pressures are intense.  Product extensions and new innovations are essential to increasing share of market, revenues and profitability. The client required a thorough strategic plan to develop market-driven products and innovation and target segments with the greatest opportunity for success.


  • Study internal competencies, resources and value proposition as well as external customers including target segments on which to focus resources including product development design and engineering teams
  • Develop strategies for each new product including target market and customer segments 
  • Align positioning of the product portfolio and develop marketing and channel strategies


Collaboration with the client team to align new product extensions and innovations with market needs and customer purchase drivers. Process ideas, designs and potential offerings through a decision framework which applies rigor to each step of development and commercialization.


Ducker Worldwide’s strategic planning process was used to competitively position multiple products in target market segments and align with the Client’s full product offering.  The plan included integrating business, product line, and marketing strategies. A value-based financial model was developed to determine resources required to support product strategies and forecast revenues and profitability by product and market segment.