Market Size & Share Insights to Drive Profitable Growth

Ducker Carlisle’s Market Size and Share program empowers automotive OEMs with precise aftermarket parts data, fostering strategic decisions to optimize market share and profitability.


May 2024

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About Market Size & Share

Maximize Profitability: Precision Insights with Market Size & Share

Dive into unprecedented growth opportunities with Ducker Carlisle’s Market Size and Share program. Tailored for automotive OEMs, this benchmark initiative provides a comprehensive analysis of aftermarket parts sales, revealing your market share against competitors. Leverage nuanced insights by vehicle age, part category, and more to fine-tune strategies, measure year-over-year progress, and optimize your position in the dynamic automotive landscape. Elevate your decision-making with current data on your market share and discover untapped opportunities.

How It Works

Your Market Size & Share Insights Journey

Embark on a transformative 22-week program with our Market Size and Share initiative. From the initial data collection to the dynamic Insights Online Dashboard, each step is meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled insights, empower strategic decision-making, and optimize your market position.



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