The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article on the world economy and its impact on the housing slowdown. At DuckerFrontier, our Building & Construction industry experts are monitoring true indicators of the housing demand, and we see strong growth for the North American housing market as demonstrated in our 2020 Building & Construction Outlook. We outlined below four key considerations to remember when planning for demand in the United States through 2020 and 2021:

  • Risk of a housing market slowdown due to decelerating home values/pricing is buffered by our US Housing market, which has a healthy forecast in 2020 and is likely to resist typical cycle dynamics – low interest rates, higher employment and confidence, better financial status.
  • Over 60% of US housing is moderate single-family construction, which is generally influenced by local or regional demand, rather than international markets. Some ultra-high-end condo purchasing in leading urban areas may be impacted by global markets, but these make up a significant minority of current housing projects.
  • Residential investment – new construction of single and multi-family homes – only averages about 3-5% of GDP in the US, creating less of a concern regarding global GDP issues.
  • Price deceleration is actually a good development, which should open up more access to the segment of the US population who looks for more affordable homes – representing the largest buying segment and offering plenty of demand for builders.

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