The Advisory team at DuckerFrontier is able to execute commercial diligence and market studies and pivot to your individual buy and sell side needs. Below you will find a recent case study outlining prioritization and scenario planning for markets, sub-segments and growth opportunities, as well as global regulatory concerns.

DuckerFrontier collaborated with company Phi to assess the current macro-economic and sociopolitical landscape in Russia to better position and inform the company for future strategic growth in the region


As a large, established multinational pharmaceutical corporation, Company Phi must better understand the underlying drivers that impact their business in Russia over the next 3-5 years to develop a data-driven strategic plan.


DuckerFrontier utilized its deep pool of regional and industry knowledge to provide a five faceted outlook of the Russian pharmaceutical operating environment:

  • Macroeconomic: Including currency dynamics, oil price forecasts, overall economic profile, and economic impact on healthcare spending and budget
  • Sociopolitical: Current political dynamics, foreign sanctions tracking and forecasting, deep dive on Vladimir Putin, and ‘black swan’ strategic planning of a potential palace coup
  • Healthcare Policy: Expenditure profile, policy forecasts, pharmaceutical tender pricing and formulary analysis
  • Regional Assessment: Regional spending, pharmaceutical spending and pharmaceutical budgeting
  • Unique Trends: Analysis of the May Decrees (a major government expenditure plan with a focus on healthcare), and the adoption of tele-health and e-commerce and their impact on pharmaceuticals


By providing an in-depth market landscape assessment, Phi was well informed to develop a strategic market expansion plan, and due to political analysis and black-swan scenario planning Phi was prepared for the drastic political shifts made by Vladimir Putin in Early 2020 while capitalizing on the roll-out of the May Decrees.

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