Monthly MetricWatch – NASB


NASB’s annual data collection has been the standard for over 10 years, but COVID has disrupted the business in an unprecedented way, and we can no longer afford to wait until the end of the year for updates. OEMs need to know how the rest of the industry is doing now, so that we can quickly identify whether we are leaving any improvement opportunities on the table. As such, we have developed a new benchmark: the NASB Monthly MetricWatch.

OEMs that opt into these sessions will gain access to monthly industry updates for key metrics, such as:

  • RO Volumes
  • RO Dollars Sold
  • RO Hours Sold
  • Sales by Commodity
  • Retention

Results will be delivered through the Insights Online interactive dashboard on a monthly basis, showing year-over-year comparisons and current year trends.

In addition, participants will meet for 1-hour to field questions and share successes and challenges. The aim of this series is to empower our industry with the data to get through current crisis and better facilitate preparations for a post-COVID future.