Sustainability in the Context of Aftersales Service

During Carlisle’s annual North American Service Benchmark (NASB), Chad Walker, Managing Director at Carlisle & Co, shared his thoughts on the importance of sustainability in the context of aftersales service along with an action plan that automotive brands can implement to reach their sustainability goals. In this presentation, Chad Walker discusses WHY sustainability matters to consumers, WHAT other industries / standout automotive brands are doing in this space, and HOW automotive OEMs can launch initiatives that they can scale across their networks. In the clip below, we share some highlights from his presentation

Sustainability Highlights from the 2021 NASB Service Outlook Presentation


For an automotive OEM, sustainability needs to mean more than just rolling out sustainable products, such as electric vehicles. Having an eco-friendly product is just the first step. Step two is creating sustainability-focused processes and experiences so that the entire customer ownership experience is cohesive and sends the message that sustainability matters. OEMs must work closely with their dealers to identify initiatives that will have the greatest impact on the environment as well as on costs. Sustainability can and should be a universal win, so it is important that OEMs succeed in presenting an effective business case to generate dealer buy-in.


Chad Walker

Managing Director