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Packaging Focus Day – Condition of shipments is one of the most significant drivers of satisfaction of our dealers … Learn more  

Automotive Technician Collaboration – ATC is a group of OEMs with a collective goal to change the perception of the technician career … Learn more  

EPB 2022 Data Book – The European Parts Benchmark is an annual forum for the parts divisions of motor vehicles companies. For 2022 the format will be a comprehensive Data Book filled with supply chain performance metrics … Learn more  

SAPB 2022 Data Book – Carlisle & Co is offering the South American Parts Benchmark in 2022 with the focus on Brazil and Argentina parts operations … Learn more  


MetricWatch – This monthly deliverable will provide OEMs key supply chain metrics needed to identify improvement opportunities … Learn more about NAPB or NASB


Heavy Equipment Service Survey & OEM Summit – Technicians and service managers are unhappy and leaving their dealerships faster than we can fill the open positions.  Only around a quarter of service managers report being satisfied with their service organization … Learn more  

Automotive Technician Survey This survey is focused on improving the efficiency of dealer technicians while also identifying opportunities to improve recruiting and retention of techs Learn more
Important Dates
25th to 27th — NAPB 2022 Conference

TBD — SAPB Planning Meeting

5th — NAPB Monthly MetricWatch Webinar
5th — NASB Conference Toolbox Webinar

16th to 18th — NASB 2022 Conference
26th — NAPB Monthly MetricWatch Webinar

9th — NAPB Packaging Webinar

23rd — NAPB Monthly MetricWatch Webinar

28th — NAPB Monthly MetricWatch Webinar

TBD — Automotive Technician Survey Launch

25th — NAPB Monthly MetricWatch Webinar

22nd — NAPB Monthly MetricWatch Webinar

TBD — NAPB Retail Inventory Management Focus Day
TBD — NAPB Packaging Focus Day

27th — NAPB Monthly MetricWatch Webinar
TBD — NAPB Supply Chain Leaders Focus Day
TBD — NASB Training Focus Day

1st — NAPB Monthly MetricWatch Webinar

5th — NAPB Monthly MetricWatch Webinar

Industry Collaboration:
Addressing the Warehouse Employee Shortage

The industry is suffering from warehouse labor shortages, with no signs of significant improvement. Amazon is building warehouses across the country at lightning speed, and recent reports estimate the cost to replace a single warehouse employee is a minimum of $8,500. Think of how many employees have left your PDCs in the past year – what is that costing you?
Learn More