Recent acquisitions, advances in equipment capabilities, and the desire to grow and diversify revenue streams drove Alpha’s management team to explore opportunities for gaining market share in existing markets as well as expansion into new markets and product applications. Alpha engaged DuckerFrontier to lead a market opportunity assessment to support profitable revenue growth.


Company Alpha required DuckerFrontier’s deep expertise in industrial production, packaging equipment, and materials to provide a market assessment for packaging equipment across markets identified by Alpha, including volume demand, a thorough competitor analysis, and a comprehensive market outlook. Efforts were aimed at identifying new market segment opportunities for existing product lines and possible expansion of product lines into new markets.


DuckerFrontier used a combination of secondary research, select competitor interviews, and evaluation of macro characteristics aimed at measuring, categorizing, and ranking potential markets to help Alpha optimize growth in share and margin through better informed strategies. This included the following activities:

  • Mining our existing market segment data, analyzing secondary research sources, and incorporating intelligence from Alpha’s management teams to identify a population of applicable market segments.
  • Interviewing several competitors to gain insight into key trends, market opportunities, technological advancements, and more.
  • Qualifying, segmenting, and ranking key potential market segments based on management’s agreed upon characteristics to define areas of pursuit.


With a thorough knowledge of market opportunities and product applications relevant to Alpha’s profit goals, DuckerFrontier delivered an extensive demand opportunity matrix of market segments and product applications to provide Alpha with the information it needed to identify key growth markets. And, with market insights in-hand and a clear picture of the landscape ahead, Alpha was able to execute on the growth strategy by appropriately allocating capital funding, marketing dollars, and human capital to achieve growth in existing markets and penetration of new markets.

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