Companies are often expressing the desire to become more connected with their customers in order to support future business strategies and planning. In today’s world, due to the impact of COVID-19, this is increasingly important as individuals change how they work, complete purchases, and perform everyday tasks.  One way this can be accomplished is through the use of online communities.

Increasing Customer Connectivity

Voice-of-customer research and insights sharing are evolving as marketing and technology drastically shift the ways in which companies engage with customers. Marketing and technology developments also are impacting professional behaviors. As a result, all industries have exponential levels of interaction that create knowledge, information and opportunities for revenue.

  • Building managers and facility directors regularly engage with peers, customers and their facilities and equipment using technology
  • Construction and trade professionals are now engaging and interacting using technology throughout many hours of the workday

“A best-in-class research strategy focuses on customer engagement and optimizing the learning on a continual basis.” – Joanne Ulnick, DuckerFrontier

Multiple platforms exist that allow for and establish greater connectivity between a business and its customers. DuckerFrontier offers interactive, online professional communities that complement and advance customer experience research and insights analysis. Customer panels further complement and improve customer experience research by providing businesses with a platform to establish more continual customer connections.

The Online Professional Community

Businesses improve agility and are better equipped to inform critical business decisions through continuous connectivity to the marketplace. This is where the professional online community assists – able to predict market dynamics, deliver innovative solutions to meet customer needs, and enhance the overall customer experience. In the end, the business improves competitive positioning, experiences market share gains, and see growth through innovation and speed to market.

There are a variety of tools that are available for connecting a business with its customers through the online professional community. These include creativity forums, online chat areas and a bullet board for posting. The online professional community engages three (3) parties: the business, DuckerFrontier, and the community members. In the end, DuckerFrontier provides businesses with a scalable and customizable professionally managed community that can be accessed by both the business and its customer through multiple technological platforms in real-time, any time.

Businesses Develop Strategies for Future Success

Extensive experience in both developing and moderating B2B online professional communities has allowed DuckerFrontier to identify key themes appreciated by not only community members, but businesses as well.

  • Addressing major concerns from the community members such as identifying trends impacting the industry or market, optimization of costs and reduction of expenses, industry challenges (e.g., lack of skilled labor)
  • Understand constraints on their customer’s business, providing the opportunity to develop solutions or offerings that answer the community’s needs
  • Testing of new product concepts and services; exploring solutions and value-add services
  • Deeper knowledge of the buying process and key decision criteria

DuckerFrontier’s Online Professional Communities team works with businesses from all industries to further understand and provide businesses with a valued source of customer insights. The learn more about our Online Professional Communities and how we can help your business, contact us to connect with a team member.