Preparing for Electrification

Project Description

Our preparations for electric vehicles need to move beyond the Crystal Ball, the emerging trends presentation during the North American Parts Benchmark, and into more tactical areas of the business. With so many brands increasing electric vehicle models into the North American market this year and next, this topic touches nearly every auto OEM. It’s hard to fit the immensity of the electrification challenges into a 90-minute session, so a Digital Discussion is the perfect way to give this topic the attention it deserves.

This Digital Discussion will cover these topics, as well as many others:

  • The different types of EV batteries (and modules, etc.) that various OEMs distribute
  • Recommendations to gather and store the technical specifications of EV components that may be more complex than non-EV parts (temperature, manufacture date, etc.)
  • Inventory management of parts that may not see demand for 5+ years, or at all
  • Storage of components with a shelf-life and in some cases, temperature-controlled storage requirements
  • Dealer standards-setting to ensure safe handling that preserves part quality