Training Focus Day


Over the past several North American Service Benchmark conferences, training dealer personnel has been a topic frequently discussed. With COVID ushering in a new era of online learning, the service training landscape has changed drastically, with OEMs now offering a hybrid of in-person and remote options. However, hands-on training is important for service, and certain courses cannot be offered online. OEMs must strike a delicate balance between offering training options that service personnel choose to enroll in while also ensuring their people are well trained.

This Focus Day will cover recent changes within the service training space, while also taking a pulse on how the industry is handling core training topics such as:

  • How often training curriculums are updated
  • Which tools and systems are used for virtual service training
  • Which service topics are best for virtual learning, and which must be done in person
  • Most impactful training incentives for service personnel
  • Best practices for measuring training effectiveness