Grey Market Parts

Project Description

Carlisle last conducted a Counterfeiting and Gray Market Parts Focus Day in 2019 and split the topic evenly between the two challenges. This Digital Discussion is an improved format to cover this topic and will be geared towards Gray Market Parts, with a specific focus on pricing. We’re always cautious about talking about pricing at NAPB events, and this is no exception. This session will not cover specific price levels, rather, pricing strategies that OEMs can use to harmonize pricing across regions. Carlisle expects this session to be more useful to OEMs with a North American HQ or OEMs who have pricing authority outside the North American Market. European Parts Benchmark (EPB) OEMs will also be invited.

This Digital Discussion will cover:

Gray market challenges faced by each company – explanations and histories, gray market competitors, measurements, and a benchmark of the regions with the highest gray market activity
A review / overview of gray market pricing strategies – this discussion needs to be fairly generic and talk about “strategies companies could take if faced with a gray market threat” rather than “individual strategies in use by specific companies”