3D Printing

Carlisle & Co has discussed 3D printing and its application in aftersales for several years, and its usability in parts manufacturing has only become more tangible. In the past, 3D printing has been expensive, difficult to scale, and involved complex materials; however, the outlook for 3D printing is quickly changing and creating room for opportunity. As these barriers to entry diminish and upcoming metal and polymer processes gain wider adoption, 3D printing for parts manufacturing represents a $9 billion revenue opportunity in the next decade according to analysis from SmarTech. Carlisle has had 3D printing in our sights for several years now, and we see the current landscape as a great opportunity to chart the path forward, led by the perspectives from OEMs.

This Focus Day will cover topics such as:

  • Assessing the current landscape of 3D printing and the capabilities of OEMs
  • Identifying opportunity and value of 3D printing across automotive aftersales
  • Evaluating barriers to success
  • Hearing 3D printing experiences from OEMs
  • Implementing 3D printing in your organization – going from prototypes to slow moving aftermarket to NPI to design for 3D
  • Discussing the impact to cybersecurity and environmental sustainability
  • Applying APQP/PPAP and collaborating with engineering to implement 3D printing technology
  • Providing strategic initiatives that Carlisle envisions for 3D printing going forward