Market Analysis For Regional Flooring Provider

Ducker Carlisle combines industry and market expertise with unique methodologies to support businesses with channel assessment in the healthcare space.


The advisory team at Ducker Carlisle is able to execute commercial diligence and market studies and pivot to your individual buy and sell side needs. Below you will find a recent case study outlining a detailed market analysis on both a national and global level, as well as a detailed regional and local activity. Ducker Carlisle was able to assess multiple commercial aspects to assist a financial sponsor in the acquisition of a highly regional flooring provider.


Sponsor Alpha and its partners had historic investments in similar providers in adjacent industries (e.g., roofing, windows, etc.) and was interested in a similar state/regional consumer-faced business model for flooring products. The flooring industry has large national participants that hold majority market share in most states, providing a difficult investment decision in a state level company to compete and expand into key MSAs


Ducker Carlisle created a comprehensive market report to rate Sponsor Alpha’s potential investment in terms of growth feasibility and addressability of expansion identified MSAs

  • Review of growth expansion opportunities in regionally adjacent markets
  • Competitive landscape: including share within key product categories and comparison of GTM strategies/marketing spend/product portfolio/target customer demographics
  • Current and potential customer landscape via consumer survey, including views of the Target’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Market overview: including trends, drivers of growth and regional demographics


Ducker Carlisle delivered a conclusive ranking of priority MSAs for expansion and provided an in-depth assessment of each MSAs competitive landscape consumer dynamics, addressability, marketing acceptance/focus as well as total market size and growth. Company Zeta was able to utilize Ducker Carlisle’s assessment of the Target and its growth strategy to make an informed decision and successfully negotiate and close the acquisition.

Ducker Carlisle’s advisory team is committed to helping sponsors, advisors and executives gain a clear understanding of market dynamics across our core industries, which include over 250 annual engagements in automotive & transportation, heavy equipment, industrials, building & construction products and healthcare . We combine our industry and market expertise with proven methodologies, access to industry participants and expedited processes, to provide clients with the highest quality insights and intelligence they need to make strategic investment decisions in shifting market landscapes.