Market Entry Example

DuckerFrontier combines industry and market expertise with unique methodologies to support businesses with channel assessment in the healthcare space.

The Challenge

Ducker Carlisle

For a new firm to enter the US market, there are seemingly endless questions that need to be answered, each of which has an impact on the long-term success of that companies business. From regulatory anomalies, to unique distribution and transportation models, there are aspects of the US market that an unfamiliar corporation needs to be aware of when developing a market entry strategy – this is where Carlisle comes in.

Our Solution

Dealer Terms & Conditions: navigate through complex franchise laws to craft the optimal Terms & Conditions for market entry, leveraging best practices and insights gained from over 25 years of industry benchmarking and expertise

Parts Operations: provide guidance through every step of establishing an optimal parts distribution network from the ground-up

Service Operations: work to develop a clearly defined vision for the future customer service offer and provide the implementation support to bring that to life

Impact of Aftersales: the importance of a reasoned aftersales strategy cannot be understated, dealers disproportionate depend on aftersales for profitibility

Total Dealer Sales

Task Legend
Parts Service and Body Shop 0.12
New Vehicle Department 0.58
Used Vehicle Department 0.3

Dealer Gross Profit

Task Legend
Parts Service and Body Shop 0.47
New Vehicle Department 0.28
Used Vehicle Department 0.25

The Impact

We will define an optimal market strategy including organization structure, KPIs, and targets. Based on customer research from our insights portfolio we will build a market playbook that identifies critical go-to-market activities, dependencies, and assigns responsibility for execution within the defined organization and for third parties.

Key decision in this process include identification of core competencies, including insourcing vs. outsourcing, vendor selection, organizational hierarchies, leveraging home country resources, and creating effective KPI scorecards. Throughout these decisions we ensure consideration both of immediate entry requirements and long term growth and strategic evolution of the brand, the customer experience, and the firms position in the market.

Informing these discussions is the state of the market and key competitors. We work to build in our clients a thorough understanding of the existing top performers, emerging market trends, new technologies, existing infrastructure, and market landscape. Carlisle’s benchmark data has set the standard for measuring performance at a strategic and operational level. We know what fundamentally strong performance looks like, and what foundational elements must be in place to achieve it.

Carlisle has been engaged by mainline ICE Asian importers, ultra-luxury ICE European importers, and most recently an all-electric European importer to design and support their US market entry strategy. We understand key milestones, dependencies, and common stumbling blocks for OEMs as they enter a market and develop. Carlisle will help our client navigate these challenges to successfully launch in new markets.