For 10 years, the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has partnered with DuckerFrontier to conduct a detailed analysis of the Mobile Elevating Work Platform rental market. This rather stable, yet growing industry presents several opportunities – as well as barriers – for key industry players. Last year, IPAF and DuckerFrontier won a prestigious European Rental Association award for business intelligence for these reports.

An invaluable aid to the industry market they serve. The tables are clear and most importantly highlight, at a glance, significant deviations.” – The European Association Awards 2018, Judge’s Comment

DuckerFrontier examines these market dynamics within both Europe and the U.S., and provides key facts and statistics that will enable good decision-making and help senior management to plan for future investments.  The 2019 rental market reports contain the most up-to-date information on the global Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) rental market. Covering 2008-2020, with a focus on 2018, they include:

  • 2018 MEWP rental market value and fleet size
  • Trends and dynamics over the period
  • Operational indicators (investment, age of fleet, application)
  • The fleet mix and evolution
  • Estimated size of the 2018 MEWP rental fleet worldwide, with a breakdown by region and by machine type
  • Ranking of construction and non-construction sub-sectors in the MEWP rental revenue
  • Return on investment/average payback period by equipment type

While Brexit uncertainty in the UK, and the US-China trade war and Presidential elections set for 2020 muddy the waters, markets are booming in Spain, Germany and the Netherlands, where MEWP rental grew very strongly in the past year, by 8-10%.

Through DuckerFrontier’s in-house research teams, numerous interviews were conducted in various languages from offices located in Paris, Berlin, the U.S. and Shanghai. Organizations interviewed included rental companies, national rental associations, manufacturers and various industry experts. Data gathered was compiled and analyzed by DuckerFrontier’s industry experts, utilizing fact-based insights, macro-economic figures and other industry information.

You can purchase a copy of the IPAF rental market reports here: www.ipaf.org/reports. If you are interested in learning more about DuckerFrontier’s solutions in the heavy equipment industry, contact us to speak with a team member.


The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide in the widest sense – through providing technical advice and information, through influencing and interpreting legislation and standards, and through its safety initiatives and training programs. It is a not-for-profit organization owned by its members, which include manufacturers, rental companies, contractors and users.

For more information on this research, or IPAF – who sponsored the project – please visit www.ipaf.org/reports. These reports are available to both members and non-members of IPAF, for purchase directly through IPAF.