Ducker’s Transaction Advisory team is at the forefront of key trends impacting the industry amid COVID-19 disruptions. 

Trade and country/regional policies continue to impact specialty chemicals

Specialty chemical producers will be required to continually monitor current and proposed regulatory and trade conditions which directly affect the viability of their business, from raw material through finished products’.

Consumer pull through and regulatory concerns in the eWaste recycling segment

Growth in the electronics recycling industry will continue, driven by eWaste regulations and the ability to refurbish products to meet consumer price point requirements.

Rapid prototyping timing

Rapid prototyping will continue to be required to meet the needs of US based companies, particularly in relation to IP driven industries such as medical and aerospace/defense.

Automotive tooling

While some demand for automotive tooling was pushed out due to COVID-19 and the automotive shutdown, the long-term nature of platform development and launch sequences will continue to stabilize the tooling portion of the market.

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