DuckerFrontier delivers in-depth market research, strategy consulting and transaction advisory services to support industrial businesses of all sizes, globally. DuckerFrontier’s market-driven insights and analytics help companies manage the dynamic business models for OEM equipment, MRO spending, integration and system opportunities, and global partnerships in manufacturing.

DuckerFrontier helps you to make the right decisions (where to play):

  • Capture trends and market needs in their early stages to anticipate technological shifts, reduce time-to-market and keep competitive edge
  • Forecast market growth
  • Map customer-supplier relationships and identify incumbent suppliers
  • Identify opportunities (e.g., improved value proposition, unmet needs) and
    threats (new entrants, competing technologies/materials, etc.)

DuckerFrontier helps you to map out how to win in your market:

  • Optimize your market impact with current portfolio: expand in new geographic markets, touch new customers, etc.
  • Expand offerings with new products, augment your technological IP, assess innovation concepts and identify associated market potential
  • Profile key influencers within customers’ organizations and master their decision process
  • Listen to customers’ voices and improve the customer experience
  • Monitor your competitors’ activities and strategic moves
  • Develop partnerships to leverage synergies
  • Identify and evaluate acquisition candidates