European Aluminum Commissions Ducker Carlisle for Aluminum Content in Cars Study

Ducker has been providing EA with analyses of the Aluminum Content in Cars since 2012. The 2022 edition of  this study considers the market in its entirety and highlights the evolutions linked to the electrification of the car market.

Since 2012 DUCKER has been a strategic research partner to EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM ’s Automotive Transport group, providing comprehensive European Automotive Aluminum Content estimates, analysis, and forecasts Throughout the three previous editions 2012 2016 and 2019 the “Aluminum Content in Cars” study has evolved and been enhanced in scope, scale, and detail with the objective to continuously increase accuracy in measurement of aluminum content in vehicles being produced in Europe
In its 2022 edition, the study scope embraces the full car market including the electric car market in its entirety enabling to identify in which respect the profound transformation of the car
market toward electrification impacts the aluminum utilization and demand

This study includes a comprehensive, segmented, and detailed mapping of aluminum content in cars produced in Europe today, as well as growth forecasts of the aluminum content by 2030

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