DuckerFrontier’s Chris Brower was recently quoted in Automotive Engineering, SAE International’s magazine publication, in an article titled, “Aluminum: Toward 50% Body Content.” Our automotive experts have spent more than two decades tracking automotive materials, from the raw material to the finished product, to develop a proprietary dataset that provides aluminum and steel usage in every vehicle type.

Steel and aluminum will continue to compete for market share in the next decade, but mixed materials are becoming increasingly more common as light-weight vehicles begin to dominate.

The emerging pattern has more aluminum added with each model changeover over a 10-15 year period until all closures are aluminum and at least 50 percent of the body is aluminum. This is a much different timing pattern than Ford exhibited on the F-150.

Steel, magnesium, CFRP and polycarbonate additions are critical. Aluminum BIW and closure parts, however, are the key to achieving both regulatory and OEM goals for vehicle improvements over the next 10 to 15 years.

To read the full Automotive Engineering article about the impact of aluminum on vehicle efficiency in 2020 and beyond, please click here and refer to page 28.

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