DuckerFrontier’s global representatives Scott Ulnick and Jochen Kemnitz attended MOVIN’ON 2017. This was the 13th edition of the global sustainable mobility summit, and took place June 13-15 in Montreal. Nearly 4,000 were in attendance, including civil society stakeholders such as NGOs, PMEs and start-ups, along with members of the political, industrial, scientific, business and media communities.

The three-day event featured forums, roundtables, private sessions, over 30 international speakers, and more than 40 workshops that introduced innovative vehicles and sustainable technologies. Discussions at MOVIN’ON 2017 addressed the challenges of mobility, and provided insight into economically viable environmental solutions. From Kemnitz’s experience at MOVIN’ON, he notes, “the point was made that changes ahead can be accelerated or better managed through including the voice of citizens and users.”

This global summit, first held in 1998 and originally called the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, is now sustainable mobility’s flagship gathering. In 2017, important changes to Michelin Challenge Bibendum include:

  • More collaborative and participative activities
  • More open approach to the full range of mobility ecosystems
  • Greater focus on concrete initiatives
  • Showcase for work by the Michelin Challenge Bibendum Open Lab
  • A new name: MOVIN’ON

After MOVIN’ON, Kemnitz concluded how much he enjoyed the format of the summit: “We thank Michelin for this great event and for the opportunity to participate. The workshops that I attended were at the crossroads of innovation concerning data, communication technology, and behavioral change, all improving vehicles and their operation to the benefit a more sustainable and citizen-friendly transport activity.” MOVIN’ON 2018 is confirmed again in Montreal, and DuckerFrontier is looking forward to contributing at this event.

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