What if, as an industrial company, you could have permanent access to critical qualitative insights gathered directly from your clients and prospects – collecting their feedback, their needs and expectations in real time?

End-consumers’ digitization has already made this possible in B2C markets, where many online communities and panels exist now.

For years, DuckerFrontier has been a pioneer in the creation of B2B online communities from several European countries, where members are professionals from various markets, including transportation, construction, heavy equipment and industrial. It can be a crucial challenge to reach the right people with the most accurate questions – the ones that empower your marketing team with exactly the data it needs. It is DuckerFrontier’s role to continuously work to keep you in direct contact with your market and your customers.

We recruit professionals who engage with your community, then we analyze the insights we gather through those community discussions. One of our recent achievements using this method? We provided our client with equipment rates from several transportation companies, which was a good way for the company to compare and assess a new service offer, and a great way for community members to share their disappointments and expectations.

A multitude of benefits can arise from online B2B communities:

  • Continuous engagement with, and learning from, community members
  • The ability to discuss, illustrate and stimulate each other in endless ways
  • Insights that flow from a complete customer experience
  • Exponential sharing, both through direct knowledge and seeing market player exchanges

And it’s only the beginning. To discover many more advantages, and just how B2B marketing works, you can download our White Paper on Qualitative Online B2B Communities.