And if, as an industrial company, you could have permanent access to critical qualitative information directly collected from your customers and prospects? If you could collect their opinions, needs and expectations in real time?

The digitization of consumers has greatly facilitated the emergence of communities and B2C panels for several years now.

But for several years, DuckerFrontier has also created and animates online B2B communities, whose members are professionals in various markets, located in several European countries.

In the sectors we cover at DuckerFrontier: transport, equipment, energy, business services, etc. it is often difficult to reach the right people to ask them the right questions – those that will allow your marketing team to develop the best solutions for their needs and challenges.

It is precisely DuckerFrontier’s role to accompany you in this task, and to allow you to keep in touch, at all times, with your markets, your customers and prospects.

We recruit professionals, we engage them in your community, and we analyze for you the valuable information they share in the community. For example, we have recently provided one of our customers with the rate at which a new solution is being installed in several transport companies: an excellent way for our customer to estimate the opportunity of a new service offer, and the opportunity for community members to share their issues and expectations.

Online B to B communities offer many benefits:

  • A permanent connection with the members of the community, which enrich your customers’ knowledge
  • The opportunity to exchange, illustrate, and stimulate exchanges in multiple ways
  • Detailed understanding of your customers’ shopping journey
  • The wealth of information that comes from regular sharing between market players

And that’s just the beginning. To discover all the benefits of this innovative approach, and understand how it works, you can download our B2B Qualitative Online Communities White Paper.