Ducker Carlisle Celebrates 2024 Promotions for Global Team

Ducker Carlisle is pleased to recognize outstanding achievements by global team members this year. DC’s leadership team celebrates the collective accomplishments as well as individual successes and contributions by so many of our team members. 

Rachel Lerner is promoted to Senior Coordinator, HR and Talent. Rachel joined our HR team in October of 2022 and has quickly shown herself to be as versatile as she is talented. Rachel has an unfailingly positive and can-do attitude. No task is too big or too small and nothing is outside her job description. From recruiting, to training, to driving and embodying our culture, Rachel does it all with a smile – including jumping in to support project work when needed! Hard working, effective and organized, Rachel thinks strategically but also has a keen eye for detail. She is a confident and strong communicator, an absolute joy to work with and a fantastic member of the team.

Saher Salib is promoted to Senior Accountant in Finance. Saher is instrumental for the financial operations in Europe and continues to be the main resource for the European offices to work in close collaboration with the global Finance team. He has taken on increasing responsibility in the accounting department and provides several reports for the monthly accounting closing.

Irene Morales is promoted to Senior Researcher in Customer Insights. Irene has shown exemplary work in the Fieldwork Center. She brings years of industry knowledge and experience to the table, while working diligently to help spread that knowledge with coworkers. Her bright personality and zest for company collaboration aligns perfectly with Ducker Carlisle’s core values. Irene has showcased her ability to take on new tasks with a positive outlook. She is consistently striving to improve her skillset in multiple areas, while also bringing added value to the team with her bilingual capabilities.

Brad Kwalton is promoted to Analyst 2 in Market Intelligence. Brad joined Ducker Carlisle a little over a year ago and has excelled in learning DC processes and building a strong skillset that has made him successful in a wide breadth of project types across multiple industries. Brad brings a positive attitude, takes the time needed to complete work, and has a curiosity which has allowed him to have strong primary and secondary results. Brad has consistently been relied upon to take on larger roles on projects and is always prepared for meetings (both internally and with clients) and discussions to ensure a fully rounded report is completed. Brad consistently produces high quality work, is reliable, professional, and has been a pleasure to work with.

Catalina Girard has been promoted to Analyst 2 in Market Intelligence. Throughout 2023, Catalina was instrumental in the successful execution of off-highway parts and pricing projects, significantly enhancing the quality of outcomes delivered to Ducker Carlisle’s key accounts. She has demonstrated a marked increase in her ability to independently conduct research on pricing studies, showcasing her robust analytical abilities and solid presentation skills. Catalina has become an indispensable asset to our off-highway vertical in the EU, playing a pivotal role in the internal growth and development of this team. 

Jeannette van Arkel is promoted to Analyst 2 in Customer Insights. In 2023, Jeannette contributed to several Ducker Carlisle successes, both internally and for our clients. Her most recent successes consisted of quickly developing the ability to manage research pricing studies with a strong professional attitude towards our clients. Jeannette is praised for her consistency and efficiency in delivering high quality results in a time and budget efficient manner throughout all the projects she is involved in, always with a positive can-do attitude.

Subuhi Karim is promoted to Analyst 2 in Customer Insights. In her 3-year stint Subuhi’s professionalism, consistency, willingness to expand her horizons, and dedication has helped her become an integral member of the India Customer Insights team. She is a role model for her juniors/peers and a dependable team member for her managers on the India team.

Kapil Varma is promoted to Senior Associate Consultant in Strategy & Operations. Kapil joined us just over a year ago and has shown continued growth in his consulting skillsets, particularly over the course of the market size and share projects that he worked on. He is technically strong and has an unflappable and good-natured demeanor. Kapil is a hard worker with a good attitude, and he is highly self-aware which enables him to focus on his known strengths and also climb the learning curve quickly.

Sam Smith is promoted to Senior Associate Consultant in Strategy & Operations. Sam joined us as an intern in the summer of 2022 and then joined us full time in June of 2023. Throughout his internship and then in just the short time he has been with us as an Associate Consultant, Sam has shown himself to be incredibly driven, diligent and hardworking. He will do whatever it takes to make sure that we are delivering the best quality deliverables and outcomes for our clients. Sam is professional, has strong client facing skills and he is quick learner who picks up new skills and concepts rapidly, maximizing the value he adds to each of his project teams.

Jared Nadolski is promoted to Senior Analyst in Market Intelligence.  Jared has earned the trust of managers and sellers in multiple areas of project execution across a broad range of Research and Advisory assignments and Market Intelligence processes. Jared’s output is consistently high quality and well-validated. He has directly and professionally delivered presentation content and helpful ad hoc feedback to clients, taking independent ownership of key project objectives, addressing core client business issues, and adding value to team findings. Jared has demonstrated strong modeling and document creation skills, and is a collaborative, engaged, and trusted teammate, bringing energy and extra effort to each assignment.

Nick Bushon is promoted to Senior Analyst in Market Intelligence. Since joining the firm, Nick has become one of the leading analysts for primary outreach, ranging from highly quantitative outreach to more detailed one-off calls to targeted respondents to fill in analysis gaps for market models. In addition to primary outreach, he continues to expand his analysis work by supporting increasingly complex and unique market modeling requirements, partially leveraging previous work experience to provide new, critical thinking and analysis streams. These capabilities have resulted in Nick supporting a wide variety of project types on the Market Intelligence team, ranging from quick, two-week diligence project runs, to long-term European strategy projects, showcasing his wide range of skills in the process. Nick is a key team member in the Troy office, embodying the Ducker Carlisle spirit, enthusiasm, and work ethic, which has been critical in helping promote a strong office culture in Troy.

Thibaut Lagaronne is promoted to Senior Analyst in Market Intelligence. Thibaut has demonstrated strong engagement and multiple skills beyond the expectations of his role, including taking initiative on developing market models and reporting templates. Not only is he able to conduct insightful primary research, but he also shows strong leadership capabilities on many of his projects. He has effectively managed quotas and quality checks for project resources, both internal and subcontractors. Finally, Thibaut has demonstrated high-level analysis and reporting competencies on market intelligence projects, while developing great client-facing and presentation skills.

Priya Behani is promoted to Senior Analyst: Data Analysis Specialist in Customer Insights. Priya plays a pivotal role in enhancing the Customer Insights capabilities of the global team and is a strong liaison between Europe and India, ensuring seamless communication across continents. As a mentor, she has significantly contributed to the growth of several junior team members. Priya’s autonomy and critical thinking shine in quality control and analysis, where she ensures precision and excellence. Her swift adaptation to technical tools such as Tableau and Power BI, reflects her eagerness to expand her skills. Operating with autonomy in partner management, Priya excels in external collaborations. Her diligence, reliability, and positive attitude make her a valuable asset in delivering successful outcomes consistently.

Anirudh Ramanathan is promoted to Consultant in Strategy & Operations. Anirudh joined us in July of 2022 and has progressed quickly.  Anirudh is rock solid and highly dependable. He is a utility player, versatile in his abilities – he can work effectively on projects of all types requiring varied skills and expertise – flexing from high level strategic thinking and story building to detailed and complex analyses using Python. He works very autonomously and is open to feedback, taking ownership when things go wrong. Anirudh is exceptionally polished and professional and has been able to develop relationships with clients who are similarly impressed with him.  

Kyle Spencer is promoted to Consultant in Insights. Kyle has been with us less than a year, yet despite his short tenure, Kyle has already shown himself to be a highly valuable member of the team. Kyle thinks strategically and he can take ambiguous direction and turn it into exactly what is needed. He has worked across a number of different projects and areas and has shown himself to be a quick study who figures things out and gets the job done with high quality. Kyle is professional, reliable, his work is on time, and he has good process. He works through comments on decks effectively and he also has very good slide construction, seeming to have an innate understanding of the type of information to prioritize. Kyle has a great attitude and is a pleasure to work with.

Neel Vidwans is promoted to Consultant in Strategic Solutions. Neel joined Ducker Carlisle in October of 2022 and is developing at an accelerated rate. He is incredibly hardworking, very professional and a highly effective communicator both internally and externally. Neel’s polish is notable and is evidenced in the skill he brings to presenting findings to clients. He rises to the occasion and does whatever he needs to do to ensure high quality work and deliverables. His technical abilities are strong, and he is able to work with highly complex models and quickly manipulate them based on client feedback. Neel’s adaptability and his ability to fill whatever role is needed is a great strength. Neel is intelligent, he has good business acumen, he provides valuable input, and he thinks quickly on his feet.

Trevor Bellino is promoted to Consultant in Strategic Solutions. Since joining us just over a year and a half ago, Trevor has quickly developed into a strong consultant, consistently displaying his abilities and willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure client delight.  He is driven, diligent and gritty and will figure out how to do anything and everything asked of him. He juggles multiple tasks, projects, and priorities with the grace of someone much more seasoned than he is. His analytical abilities are very strong, and he is becoming very capable with deck work and storyline development. Trevor is a quick study, he picks things up rapidly, assimilates them into his skillset and uses his knowledge effectively. Trevor is a joy to work with, consistently bringing good nature and fun to the office and the team.

Andrew Livingston is promoted to Senior Consultant in Strategic Solutions. Andrew joined us in May of 2023 and has quickly become a very valuable member of the team supporting our work at the cross-section of our Pricing and Advisory practices. Andrew is diligent and driven and he is motivated to learn and continue to grow. His presentation and slide development skills are strong, and he is continuing to make strides technically. Andrew has a high level of attention to detail and has the right professionalism, demeanor and client readiness for continued success. He is extremely hard working, well-liked and a joy to have on the team.

Andrew Watson is promoted to Senior Consultant in Strategy & Operations. Andrew has been with Ducker Carlisle for two years and he continues to do an excellent job as he progresses in his career here. Having spent time working in Insights and now in Strategy & Operations, his understanding of the subject matter in the areas we work is strong. Andrew excels at synthesizing huge amounts of information and distilling them down for communication to clients. His recommendations are astute, and his story-lining is strong.  Andrew is very professional, and he works quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality, which is always very high. Andrew is eager to learn and is intellectually curious, enabling him to thrive in different areas of our business.

Marlies Kool is promoted to Senior Consultant in Strategic Solutions. Marlies has been with the company since September of 2022. Since joining us, Marlies has worked on both our Strategy & Operations and our Strategic Solutions business units. She has grown and continues to grow her consulting skill sets and abilities and take on more responsibility. Marlies is self-driven, exhibits good time management, she gets help when needed, and her analytical skills are very high level. Marlies is a strong communicator and is beginning to use those skills in client presentations. She is a pleasure to work with and is a great presence in the office and on the team.

Peyton Wilson is promoted to Senior Consultant in Strategic Solutions. Peyton has a great technical toolkit which includes Python and Tableau and he excels not only in analysis but also in putting the data together and preparing it for clients. Peyton works exceptionally hard and has an unfailing commitment to getting the job done well. He has a great attitude and is a pleasure to work with.

Isabelle Kraft is promoted to Engagement Manager in Market Intelligence. Isabelle plays a critical role for the European Automotive practice. She not only delivers excellent in-depth interviews, with strong cold calling skills, but also has impressive analytical, reporting, and presentation skills. Isabelle proved throughout multiple projects that she is fully up to an Engagement Manager role. She took full ownership and responsibility for these projects, including outstanding client and team management. She has excellent communication skills and the ability to build great customer relationships. She proactively looks for optimizations in costs and delivery and identifies when respondents can be potential clients.

Alison O’Leary is promoted to Manager, Events & Client Experience in Insights. Alison has been at Ducker Carlisle since 2015 and has become a highly capable and experienced member of our Events & Client Experience team. She has consistently taken on greater responsibility and ownership, specifically with NASB and EVAB. She continues to work with conference sponsors and to expand her responsibilities there. Alison has good instincts and judgment, and she is driven, steady and capable. She is well-liked and respected by the team and clients alike.

Domenic Giachello is promoted to Manager in Strategic Solutions. Dom joined us in June of 2022 and has developed very quickly. Dom is able to work with minimal supervision on strategy development, data analysis and content creation. His technical aptitude alongside his ability to think strategically make him a well-rounded and highly valuable asset to any project. Clients look to Dom as a go-to resource and our ability to win follow on phases of work is a testament to Dom’s performance. Dom is an exceptionally hard worker and is always looking to learn from and leverage the expertise of those around him to accelerate his growth. He is also a fantastic member of the team from a culture perspective. He is a great presence in the Boston office. He is a good manager for junior staff, he participates in internal activities and initiatives, and he is a joy to work with.

Ellery Bourgeois is promoted to Manager in Strategy & Operations. Ellery joined Ducker Carlisle in September 2021 and has, in the past few years, developed into a very strong consultant. Her work is extremely high quality, and she is able to juggle a lot and prioritize appropriately.  Ellery has shown a solid ability to manage junior resources and help them learn and grow quickly. Ellery is a strong presentation developer as well as speaker and presenter. Ellery continues to gain comfort and subject matter expertise across more areas of our business, and she is a great listener who can hear something once and then operate autonomously. Ellery is highly reliable, and the team and our clients trust her a great deal. Teams across the company love working with Ellery, who always pitches in wherever she is needed with a smile on her face and the best attitude around.

Liz Hastings is promoted to Manager in Strategy & Operations. Liz joined the company two years ago and during her time here she has credentialized herself as a strong consultant, exhibiting deep subject matter expertise in operations and warehouse assessment work. Liz asks good questions that show depth of thought. She works hard, is energetic, is astute, and she has excellent observation skills and intuition. Liz is smart and is a quick learner who shows strength in synthesizing and processing information. Liz has a strong presence and develops good rapport with clients who like and respect her and the value she brings.

Will Murphy is promoted to Manager in Strategy & Operations. Will joined us in September of 2022 and has made excellent strides in both his consulting and subject matter expertise. He is a pleasure to work with, he always has a positive attitude, he is hardworking and hungry to learn, and he shows good client facing skills and a desire to achieve client delight. Will is a very fast learner, especially technically. Will also has strong presentation skills, particularly when presenting technically where he can present complex analysis and concepts in digestible ways. Leaders across the company are impressed with Will and all that he brings to the job and to our team and office culture.

Chris Dias is promoted to Director in Strategic Solutions. Chris thinks critically and suggests alternate approaches that could add additional value or time reduction to our clients. Chris has a good and professional demeanor in workshops and client report outs, and he is an exceptionally strong communicator. He shows an impressive well roundedness and depth of expertise in market research, and he can help us bridge the gap on where market research meets pricing. Chris takes on any challenge and is invigorated by it. He is a strong mentor and teacher for our junior staff. He is results and client relationships focused – an excellent combination to drive his and the team’s continued success.

James Murphy is promoted to Director in Market Intelligence.  He has consistently performed at a high level on our most complex and challenging client assignments, demonstrating a high level of managed production bandwidth across Research and Advisory projects. He has built practice value by driving repeat client engagements with key customers as a trusted advisor. He has provided meaningful contributions to expertise qualification and closing of engagements in tooling and general manufacturing market opportunities. He is an advocate for, and acts as an example of, our best practices in project management and team development, including our recruiting process.  Further, James is actively engaged in proactive commercial activities to support the expansion of our exposure to clients focused on manufacturing processes as well as our overall Industrial practice.

Conor Boyle is promoted to Managing Director in Advisory. Conor has been an integral part of the Advisory growth story, driven by his significant bandwidth – leading multiple large, global initiatives in parallel, and has successfully integrated global team members into advisory engagements. Conor is also a vital member of the Corporate Development team and has been essential in collaborating with the global teams to ensure our outreach is fully vetted for fit and feasibility. Most importantly, Conor is a great team member, embodying our cultural spirit internally and externally.

Corbin Newquist is promoted to Managing Director in Strategic Solutions. Corbin has integrated rapidly and is leading our pricing assessment work for private equity clients from both a sales and delivery standpoint. Corbin’s work ethic is exemplary, he is an intellectually curious creative problem solver, and he is a great example of a team player, building bridges across the organization and earning the trust of senior leaders and clients alike. Corbin is also a fantastic people developer, coaching and challenging junior team members to grow and improve their skillsets and expertise.  

Abey Abraham is promoted to Managing Principal in our Automotive and Materials Practice. Since joining the company in 2006, Abey has demonstrated high performance in each of his roles and responsibilities at Ducker Carlisle. He has expanded the Automotive and Materials practice to serve corporate, advisory, and global industry associations, and has delivered multi-million-dollar annual revenue contributions each year through selling, delivering, and supporting automotive transactions for our leading corporate and PE clients. Committed to and passionate about all things transportation and mobility, Abey has advanced our brand recognition and industry relationships by taking part in extensive speaking events, expert panels, and many press activities. He has also held prestigious positions in the Society of Automotive Analysts, where he currently serves as Chairman and has recently introduced the Ducker Carlisle award for innovations in lightweighting. Most importantly, Abey is a cultural leader. He actively supports any-and-all who need it and is the first to jump in, whether to help win the business, execute the project, fulfill a commitment, or just help others succeed.  He lives our values daily and everyone benefits from working with him. 

Kurt Ranka is promoted to Managing Principal in Strategic Solutions. Kurt joined us two years ago with 25+ years of experience in aftermarket consulting, having spent the majority of his career with Accenture where he led their Aftermarket consulting practice for the Automotive and Industrial Equipment sector. Kurt exhibits both commercial and production excellence with a 2023 sales contribution of $5M+ and responsibility for the execution of $6M of project work. Kurt works across our practice areas effectively and is highly focused on developing new offerings and increasing collaboration between business units. Kurt is a strong contributor internally as well, leveraging his network in our recruiting efforts and developing his team so that they reach their potentials – everyone loves working with Kurt. In just a short time, Kurt has become a key leader of our Strategic Solutions team and of the company overall.