Carlisle’s Line-Up for the Upcoming NASB Service Outlook Presentation


Every year during the North American Service Benchmark (NASB) Conference held in May, we discuss the top emerging trends affecting the automotive service industry that OEMs should prepare for and strategize on – Carlisle’s very own Service Outlook Presentation.

Here is a sneak peek into the upcoming Service Outlook Presentation, offering some highlights of what’s to come. This year, Carlisle selected three key topics that OEMs need to address in the near term.

Carlisle’s line-up for the upcoming 2021 NASB Service Outlook Presentation is:

  1. Service After COVID-19
  2. Digital Retailing
  3. Sustainability

Service After COVID-19

The first topic in Carlisle’s Service Outlook is service after COVID-19. The Coronavirus has turned our world upside down. The era of highly curated waiting rooms and micro-brew coffee bars is gone for the time being, as consumers are reluctant to engage in non-essential in-person activities. This is particularly heightened in an already disengaging arena, a place where consumers dread to go to… the automotive dealership.

OEMs must pivot dramatically to a fully customer-centric model that caters to customer preference, location, and the full breadth of vehicle repair services. During this section of the Service Outlook, we will discuss the various changes to the automotive dealership and service experience due to COVID-19 and assess the longevity of these changes – what changes were a quick reaction to COVID-19 and what will be part of the OEM’s long-term strategy?

Digital Retailing

This is a topic that has already become increasingly important due to the changing marketplace and evolving customer expectations – more and more people crave digital touchpoints and experiences that can be delivered through a digital landscape. COVID-19 only underscored the need to move quickly here. As customers turn to the internet for their needs, the way they shop for vehicles and vehicle service must evolve at the same time.

During this section of the Service Outlook, we will discuss how OEMs can better retail to customers in a digital environment and how the sales-to-service handoff might look in a digital capacity. We will look to industry leaders in the space who have gone above and beyond to deliver a digital experience to customers, but at the same time, we will assess how out of industry players, are able to deliver such experiences. In the end, we will help automotive OEMs determine a strategy to compete in this ever-changing marketplace.


As the environment’s condition worsens and as the world looks to find solutions to reverse man-made climate change, sustainability is becoming increasingly important to consumers and organizations. What can OEMs and dealers do to promote sustainability and communicate this to consumers?

Beyond rolling out all-electric products, OEMs must think outside the box to drive sustainable change across their service network. During this section of the Service Outlook, we will delve into the different ways OEMs and dealerships alike can push for eco-friendly, environmentally conscious initiatives.


The goal of this session is to leave the audience thinking about how to prepare for the future. Given the past year and the ongoing challenges the automotive industry is facing, there is a lot to prepare for!