Aluminum Extruders Council Shape Maker Podcast : Featuring Abey Abraham

The past decade has seen doubling in per-vehicle aluminum extrusion use in North American passenger vehicles. More recently, significant additional growth has emerged from aluminum extrusion’s role in battery electric vehicles (BEV) applications.

To better understand the likely future, the Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) asked Ducker Carlisle to examine the implications of the BEV market on extrusion use through the end of the decade. Abey Abraham, Principal at Ducker Carlisle, and Lynn Brown, Marketing Strategy Consultant for AEC, talk about the BEV market and aluminum extrusions.

They explore some key drivers, enablers and constraints for BEV demand as well as potential disruptors. In addition to discussing the future volume and market share of BEVs and hybrid electric vehicles, they explore the role of extrusions specific to BEVs, including battery boxes and battery protection/rockers.

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The Shapemakers from the Aluminum Extruders Council is a podcast series that provides valuable information about timely and relevant aluminum extrusion topics. Whether it’s details about the tariffs on imports of aluminum profiles from China, how building and energy codes may affect aluminum extrusion products, or the industry’s efforts to attract and train the next generation of aluminum extrusion designers, engineers and employees, The Shapemakers podcast promises to enlighten and inspire all who listen.

This show will appeal to all those interested in how market, economic and industry forces are shaping the aluminum extrusion world – whether you’re an AEC member, an aluminum industry professional or aluminum extrusion customer. This show has something for everyone interested in learning more about aluminum extrusions.

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