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Digital Service Technologies Focus Day – This virtual Focus Day will cover the customer-facing technologies and tools used throughout the entire customer service journey  … Learn more

Supply Chain Leaders Focus Day – The scope for this Focus day is limited to a few key topics, to drive deeper discussion and more meaningful, actionable insights  … Learn more  

E-Commerce: OEM Strategies & Best Practices Focus Day – E-commerce has continued to grow as an important sales channel for the motor vehicle industry, with many OEMs launching or re-launching their offerings  … Learn more  



Automotive Parts Manager Survey This survey focuses on providing OEMs with sufficient feedback in order to improve their dealer support in areas of dealer fill rates, parts profitability, and purchase loyalty Learn more
Important Dates

9th — NAPB 2022 Steering Committee Planning Meeting
13th — Automotive Parts Manager Survey Launch
22nd — Women of NAPB Wellness Series: Boosting Energy & Effectiveness Webinar
28th — Sustainability Focus Day

6th — NAPB Data Gatherer Virtual Meeting
13th — NASB 2022 Steering Committee Virtual Planning Meeting
14th — Digital Service Technologies Virtual Focus Day

21st — Supply Chain Leaders Focus Day

18th — E-Commerce Focus Day
TBD — NASB Data Gatherer Virtual Meeting
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