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Supply Chain Leaders Focus Day – The scope for this Focus day is limited to a few key topics, to drive deeper discussion and more meaningful, actionable insights  … Learn more  

E-Commerce: OEM Strategies & Best Practices Focus Day – E-commerce has continued to grow as an important sales channel for the motor vehicle industry, with many OEMs launching or re-launching their offerings  … Learn more  



Automotive Service Manager Survey This survey focuses on supporting OEMs in their quest to improve end-customer service satisfaction, service retention, and dealer profitability  Learn more
Important Dates

6th — NAPB Data Gatherer Virtual Meeting
13th — NASB 2022 Steering Committee Virtual Planning Meeting
14th — Digital Service Technologies Virtual Focus Day

21st — Supply Chain Leaders Focus Day

18th — E-Commerce Focus Day
9th — NASB Data Gatherer Virtual Meeting
TBD — EPB Data Gatherer Virtual Meeting

1st — Automotive Service Manager Survey Launch

25th to 27th — NAPB 2022 Conference

16th to 18th — NAPB 2022 Conference