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Packaging Focus Day –  Packaging is a key differentiator for genuine parts versus the aftermarket. This is also an area where we as an industry consistently underperform… Learn more  

Automotive Technician Collaboration – ATC is a group of OEMs with a collective goal to change the perception of the technician career … Learn more  

SAPB 2023 Data Book – Carlisle & Co is offering the South American Parts Benchmark in 2023 with the focus on Brazil and Argentina parts operations … Learn more 


MetricWatch – This monthly deliverable will provide OEMs key supply chain metrics needed to identify improvement opportunities … Learn more about NAPB or NASB


Automotive Technician Survey – ATS is focused on improving the efficiency of dealer technicians and identifying opportunities to improve recruiting and retention … Learn more  

Automotive Parts Manager Survey This survey focuses on providing auto OEMs with sufficient feedback, in order to improve their dealer support in the areas of dealer fill rates, parts profitability, and purchase loyalty Learn more

Heavy Equipment Parts Manager Survey  This survey focuses on supporting construction, agricultural, and heavy truck OEMs in their quest to improve dealer fill rates, parts profitability, and purchase loyalty Learn more

Important Dates

14th — Steering Committee Meeting
22nd — NAPB Monthly MetricWatch Webinar

21st – 22nd — NAPB Retail Inventory Management Focus Day
27th — NAPB Packaging Focus Day

TBD — Automotive Parts Manager Survey Launch

12th — Steering Committee Meeting
13th — NASB Training Focus Day
25th — NAPB Supply Chain Leaders Focus Day

27th — NAPB Monthly MetricWatch Webinar
TBD — NAPB Data Gatherer Kick Off Meeting
TBD — NASB Data Gatherer Kick Off Meeting

24th — NAPB Monthly MetricWatch Webinar

22nd — NAPB Monthly MetricWatch Webinar
TBD — Carlisle’s Women in Aftersales Event

5th — NAPB Monthly MetricWatch Webinar


Supply Chain Leaders Focus Day

We gather supply chain leaders twice a year – at the conference in the spring and about six months later at this Focus Day. The purpose of this session is to provide OEM Participants with a more free-flowing venue for deeper discussions under the guidance of the Carlisle Facilitators
Learn More
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