E-Commerce: OEM Strategies & Best Practices – Carlisle & Co

Project Description

Carlisle last conducted a Focus Day dedicated to e-commerce in 2019, focusing on key competitors in the space and OEM competitive strategies. Since then, e-commerce has continued to grow as an important sales channel for the motor vehicle industry, with many OEMs launching or re-launching their offerings to meet growing demand. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated to many just how important e-commerce may be, with some OEMs seeing spikes in e-commerce demand of 30% or more. Carlisle thinks all of this points to a not-so-distant future where e-commerce is a primary sales channel for all OEMs, and it is time to get OEMs together again to discuss how to get there.

This Focus Day will cover:

  • Overview of OEM e-commerce offerings, including front-end functionality, product offering, customers supplied, etc.
  • Catalog and content development, including data management, content creation, image requirements, and more
  • Distribution and fulfillment mechanisms, detailing how OEMs are getting their e-commerce orders to customers
  • Organizational support, including team structure and dedicated resources
  • Marketplace strategies, highlighting OEMs with e-commerce strategies outside their OEM platforms on marketplace sites, such as Amazon and eBay