Buy-side due diligence

DuckerFrontier combines industry and market expertise with unique methodologies to support businesses with channel assessment in the healthcare space.


The Advisory team at DuckerFrontier is able to execute commercial diligence and market studies and pivot to your individual buy and sell side needs. Below you will find a recent case study outlining a detailed market analysis on both a national and global level, as well as a detailed regional and local activity. Private Equity Sponsor Beta is interested in buying company Lambda, a full life-cycle automotive sales and leasing company; DuckerFrontier provided a comprehensive market and competitive review to better inform Beta of the industry dynamics as well as potential drivers and barriers to success.


Private Equity Sponsor Beta submitted a LOI for a uniquely vertically integrated automotive sales and leasing company which required a business model, market, competitive, and economic due diligence analysis in the face of rapidly shifting market dynamics due to an impending recession and global health crisis.


DuckerFrontier leveraged its own internal due diligence analysis methodology to provide a myriad of lenses for Bank Beta:
  • Business Model: Complete review of each business unit, the key performance indicators of those units and what potential drivers and barriers to growth are present for each unit
  • Market Landscape: A proprietary market model was developed to forecast future growth outlook for the market and key potential growth regions and segments
  • Competitive Set: In-depth review of competitor financials and operating models provided ample comparison for sourcing, margin, volume, and storefront metrics with a critical focus on impact of geographic expansion strategy
  • Macroeconomic Lens: A unique downside scenario forecasting methodology was developed to provide not only a forecasted potential downside growth scenario, but to anticipate potential impact from the COVID-19 epidemic


By developing a diverse analytical review of Company Lambda and its’ market Sponsor Beta was prepared to ultimately purchase Lambda and develop a new growth strategy to ensure future growth of the company with an understanding of not only industry dynamics but market trends during a period of uncertainty and instability.

DuckerFrontier’s advisory team is committed to helping sponsors, advisors and executives gain a clear understanding of market dynamics across our core industries, which include over 250 annual engagements in automotive & transportation, heavy equipment, industrials, building & construction products and healthcare . We combine our industry and market expertise with proven methodologies, access to industry participants and expedited processes, to provide clients with the highest quality insights and intelligence they need to make strategic investment decisions in shifting market landscapes. Contact us here to connect with a team member.