Dan Snider

Managing Director

Daniel Snider is Managing Director at Ducker Carlisle where he leads a team of project managers and analysts that serves several of Ducker Carlisle’s Fortune 500 client programs annually and specializes in business, market and product development, strategic planning, quantitative methodologies and analysis, as well as focus group moderation for both consumers and professionals. Dan holds a Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Strategic Marketing from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. He has experience in new product development, brand assessment, voice of the customer, customer satisfaction including NPS, price elasticity, competitive positioning, product clinics and focus groups among other project types. He has led critical global market research programs and quantitative and qualitative competencies at Ducker Carlisle for over 19 years. Clients value Dan’s capabilities in B2B market research where he has established product, service, and customer engagement strategies. Dan is an active board member of the Michigan State University Master of Science in Market Research program where he advises on curriculum, and he mentors students. In addition, Dan also authored a sidebar as an “industrial market research expert” for a market research textbook, “Modern Marketing Research”, as well as contributing the capstone case study to the text.